Sabattus Lake Waterfront, aka Sabattus Pond, Sabattus, Greene and Wales, Maine

Sabattus Lake Waterfront, near Lewiston and Auburn, Maine, is a popular waterfront destination in Greene and Wales Maine. The shoreline of Sabbatus Pond is well developed, and you will find a well-appointed boat launch near Martin’s Point.

This shallow but quite large pond, 2000 acres with depths of 14 to 19 feet, has good populations of several species including white perch and chain pickerel. You can also find excellent paddling and boating. Because of its relatively shallow depths, the water is relatively warm in the summer months.

In the past Sabattus Pond at one point suffered from poor water quality. but now, an aggressive management program has turned that around. The water is turned over each year, and there is a draw-down in the fall to keep a lower level until spring. Most important, in combination with land management around the lake, the watershed is improving every year. Because of the improved quality of the ecosystem, the local fisheries are also improving. The combined efforts of concerned lake residents and the Sabattus Pond Watershed Partnership have had a real and positive effect on the water quality of this beautiful south central Maine lake.

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Sabattus Lake Waterfront
Sabattus Lake Waterfront

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