David Pond Waterfront, Fayette, Maine, Greater Augusta Lake

David Pond Waterfront is a great location in Fayette, Maine. Just a half hour’s drive from Augusta, you can commute easily. David Pond is relatively small, just 300 acres and a max depth of 40 feet, but its location makes it perfect for many types of recreations – or just kicking back.

You will find that David Pond is a great spot for warm water fish, and the populations here include largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as chain pickerel.

Not just for anglers, David Pond will appeal to boaters as well, since the sheltered and shallow location is relaxing and fun.

The pond support a complex web of life from tiny zooplankton and algae, to plants, invertebrates, fish and birds. So, you might find loons, crayfish, or mussels.

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David Pond Waterfront
David Pond Waterfront
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Fayette Maine Waterfront listings

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