Crescent Lake Waterfront – Rattlesnake Lake – Raymond and Casco, Maine

Crescent Lake Waterfront – Rattlesnake Lake – Raymond and Casco, Maine

Crescent Lake, also known as Rattlesnake Lake, is one of Maine’s prime waterfront destinations. You will find an amazing area providing natural and varied beauty, as well as year round fishing and homes.

Crescent Lake’s rolling hills and green forests make is scenic, and that’s not all – there are many activities and sports for every taste. One of the best bass fishing spots in Maine, anglers love it here. Boaters will have access to the small river that leads to Panther Pond, and extends the range of exploration.

Those gorgeous forests around Crescent Lake Waterfront will also give you protection from the wind, therefore this calm pond will appeal for relaxation, kayaking, or paddle boarding. And the properties along this waterfront have both full time residents, and seasonal vacation rentals.

Crescent Lake receives drainage from Coffee Pond and Dumpling Pond in northern Casco, Maine, and extends south into Raymond. The south end of the lake overflows through Tenny River to Panther Pond 1 mile south.

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Crescent Lake Waterfront sunset
Crescent Lake sunset
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